When your plumbing works properly, you don't even pay attention to it. It’s only when it malfunctions or breaks down that we worry about repairing or replacing such units. Well, if your well pumps not looked after, you may need to replace and install new ones.

If you’re experiencing well pump problems, especially if it stops working, it can cause drastic reductions in your home’s water pressure. Low water pressure can make it hard to complete simple daily tasks such as showering, flushing the toilet, running the dish washer or washing clothes. 

In most cases you will not notice that the pump is failing. It will just stop running and you will loose all water pressure as well as all your water. Therefore when you run into a well pump issue, you need reliable and fast help.

Whether you are in need of expert repair, installation, maintenance, or replacement service for your home’s well pump, you can call Water-Pumps.ca to get the job done right.


Common signs of a malfunctioning well pump are:

  • Dirty water
  • Abnormal noises
  • Unusually high electric bills
  • Air “spitting” from the faucet

There is a number of reasons that can cause water pump failure. One of the most common issues is age. Most part of well pumps last from 8 to 15 years. If the device is old, you will need to replace it and install a new pump. Our qualified plumbing expert Howard Wrigglesworth can help you solve this problem. 

Water-Pumps.ca provides well pump replacement throughout Halton, Milton, Georgetown, Acton, Campbellville, Moffat, Freelton, Guelph. Starting from basic well pump services such as a minor repair to entire well pump replacement, no job is too big or too small. 

For prompt, professional, qualified well pump replacements, services or installations, call us today at 905-699-8898.

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