There are two types of Jet Pumps: shallow well jet pumps and deep well jet pumps. They can be used for residential pumps, irrigation pumps, and booster pumps.

A shallow well jet pump can pull water from a maximum of 25’ depth-to-water. Shallow well jet pumps have a single suction line. They are commonly used for yard irrigation and residential water. Such jet pumps are also used as a flooded suction booster pump out of an above ground holding tank. This system can be commonly referred to as a one pipe system as it only has one pipe going out of the unit and down into the actual well.

Deep well jet pumps can be used on wells up to 200 feet deep. Deep well jet pumps have two suction lines. This system is commonly referred to as a two pipe system as it has two pipe coming out of the unit the drive line going into the well and the suction line returning to the pump. Deep well jet pumps are most commonly used as residential and irrigation wells.


If your home has a fluctuating water table, then we recommend a convertible jet well pump that can be set up as either shallow or deep – they can be “converted’ between the two. In a shallow well setup an ejector kit is bolted to the nose of the pump. For deep well the kit is put down the well.

At we service and install all makes and models of water well jet pumps. We have the capability to re-build jet pumps, replace motors, replace seals, install new suction lines, and replace jet assemblies.

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